Sailing Plan丨Build our core competitiveness

Sailing Plan丨Build our core competitiveness


Sailing Plan丨Build our core competitiveness

Since August, the internal training course of "Sailing Plan" has been officially launched. Two senior managers share the course every Saturday, including professional knowledge, customer service, troubleshooting, case analysis and so on. We hope that through the study and discussion of the course, we can improve the professional skills of employees more accurately and deal with daily work and future work challenges more efficiently. So as to improve the overall work efficiency and service quality of the company.

Training course in the second week

Lesson One: Serve customers sincerely

Manager Chi of Business Department 6 shared a case: In cooperation with a customer in Zhoushan, four Kent shackles were sent by logistics at one time. Due to missing delivery at a logistics transfer station, the arrival of goods would be extended by two days. The customer is very anxious, contact the goods to the logistics point to pick up, the customer volunteered to bear 1500 yuan freight. I understood the customer's mood at that time, so I took the initiative to contact the headquarters of the logistics company. At the beginning, the logistics company refused to pay compensation. After repeated complaints and various efforts, the logistics company finally agreed and made compensation.

There are many "little stories" like this. Although sometimes it is not our problem, we still have to stand in the position of customers and help customers solve their problems. We should be customers' professional advisers, cooperative partners and reliable friends.

Course two: Answer questions and solve problems with professional knowledge