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Speech of President

Speech of President

“To consider customer's urgency, to think what customers think, to understand what customer needs”

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The year 2019 is an unusual year for CSAC. We were born in the midsummer of July, but five months later in the cold winter, the world was suddenly hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, the world economy was set back, and all walks of life were hit hard, which made us face a severe test of survival as babies.

Time flies, it has been 2023. In the past three years, CSAC chose to face up to the dilemma, with strong vitality, forward against the wind, born to the sun, and wrote a prologue that will transform the crisis into a fighter plane. By the end of 2021, the sales volume of Marine anchor chain business of CSAC has exceeded 600 million YUAN, becoming the second player in the global anchor chain market. We survived!

The anti-trend growth of CSAC, first of all, benefits from the trend, secondly lies in the correct development strategy, that is, the product and service as the double engine of enterprise development; In addition, because we have a group of young, passionate, dare to fight for the team

The Fourteenth Five Year Plan points out that "we should focus on the real economy in economic development, accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power and a quality power", and proposes to "consolidate and enhance the competitiveness of the whole industrial chain in high-speed railway, electric power equipment, new energy, shipping and other fields based on the advantages of industrial scale, supporting advantages and first-move advantages in some fields". The introduction of a series of policies, such as "breaking through a number of key core technologies in the fields of Marine engineering, Marine resources and Marine environment, and cultivating and strengthening Marine engineering equipment", has promoted the take-off of the real economy, promoted the development of shipping field and Marine engineering, brought unprecedented market opportunities to shipping and supporting industries, and also created a huge development space for CSAC. CSAC closely follows the national policy direction, takes market demand as the starting point, through continuous product innovation, process innovation, to export strong competitive products to the global anchor chain market, in the field of Marine anchor chain, we take the lead in launching grade4 product level. In the field of Marine mooring, the R7 mooring chain led by our company will be launched soon. If high-quality products are the key to the continuous opening of new markets, then high-quality service is the fertile soil to support our sustainable development. Urgent customer needs, think about what customers think, meet the needs of customers "is the service concept implanted in each of the genes of China Transport, practice in every project we deliver, every customer we serve, let quality service become the name card of China transport anchor chain, is the belief in each of the people of CSAC. During the COVID-19 epidemic, every striving employee, their adherence to the post, guaranteed the smooth production and delivery of all projects on schedule, successfully fulfilled one promise after another to customers, it is them, so that quality service is not a slogan!

As the world's leading one-stop supplier of ship and Marine mooring system solutions, we insist on providing first-class products and solutions to the industry through continuous innovation, and aspire to become the global industry leader of anchor chain and mooring system.CSAC is willing to continue to share opportunities with customers, suppliers, partners and employees with an open attitude to create a better future. We also look forward to more people working with us!