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  • Liu Wenrong, Deputy Party Secretary and acting mayor of Taixing City investigated China Shipping Anchor Chain (Jiangsu) Co., LTD

    [Taixing, China, December 17, 2021] On the morning of December 17, Liu Wenrong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Taixing and acting mayor of Taixing, accompanied by Lu Zhiwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Quxia Town, Zhang Feng, mayor of the town, and Lu Zhijun, president of the town People's Congress, came to China Shipping Anchor Chain (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. for investigation. Acting Mayor Liu Wenrong carefully looked at the pilot production situation of the enterprise and the construction progress of Workshop No. 2, carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of the enterprise on the business environment, and made detailed inquiries on the economic indicators, operation quality and the impact of the epidemic on the development of the enterprise since the pilot production. Company chairman Zhao Shaode accompanied the whole research introduction.

  • Challenge to find opportunities, adversity for development

    At the end of 2019, the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus made the whole winter extremely cold. Schools, factories and shops are closed, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to People's Daily life, but also brings the whole society to a standstill. With the further expansion of the epidemic in 2020 and the aggravation of the epidemic abroad, many ports around the world were forced to close, ships could not dock, and the shipping cycle became longer, which also affected the ship-related anchor chain industry to a certain extent.

  • Tanabata -- Love from China Shipping

    At the Tanabata Festival. After the training, company prepared fruits, snacks and drinks and held a lively collective activity. Among them, "guess the word on the board using body language" game is detonating the audience laugh, of course, the company also intimate for each colleague to send holiday gift - sweet chocolate, wish everyone have a happy Tanabata!

  • Sailing Plan丨Build our core competitiveness

    Since August, the internal training course of "Sailing Plan" has been officially launched. Two senior managers share the course every Saturday, including professional knowledge, customer service, troubleshooting, case analysis and so on. We hope that through the study and discussion of the course, we can improve the professional skills of employees more accurately and deal with daily work and future work challenges more efficiently. So as to improve the overall work efficiency and service quality of the company.