Challenge to find opportunities, adversity for development

Challenge to find opportunities, adversity for development


At the end of 2019, the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus made the whole winter extremely cold. Schools, factories and shops are closed, which not only brings a lot of inconvenience to People's Daily life, but also brings the whole society to a standstill. With the further expansion of the epidemic in 2020 and the aggravation of the epidemic abroad, many ports around the world were forced to close, ships could not dock, and the shipping cycle became longer, which also affected the ship-related anchor chain industry to a certain extent.  

In the face of the difficult market environment, the chain knows the challenge is the opportunity, quickly respond. After the full resumption of work and production, in order to ensure business continuity, the protection of employees became the first factor. In response to the national epidemic prevention and control policy, China Shipping Anchor Chain has organized its employees to timely vaccinate against the novel coronavirus, built the first line of defense against the epidemic from within, and tried its best to ensure the normal operation and production of the company.

"Responding to customers' needs, thinking what customers want and responding to customers' needs" is precisely adhering to such service philosophy, CSAC has achieved a contrarian growth during the epidemic period. The total length of the delivered anchor chain has reached 650,000 meters in 2020 and about 960,000 meters in 2021, with a year-on-year growth rate of 48%, both higher than the industry average level. Every crisis is an opportunity to change the market pattern. We believe that the crisis is always a fighter plane for ambitious people.


We have been on our way to fight the epidemic. "Opportunities and challenges" coexist, China Shipping anchor chain will continue to embrace new changes, rise to the difficulties, and continue to achieve new breakthroughs.