HR Director

HR Director

Taizhou, Jiangsu Province Social recruitment

Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulated human resource planning according to the company's development strategy, and made medium and long-term human resource development plans; 

2. Establish and improve the human resource management system, formulate and organize the implementation of human resource management system (including recruitment, training, performance, compensation and employee development, etc.

3. Responsible for improving the company's talent reserve and echelon construction, and selecting various middle and senior talents.

4. Regularly provide decision-makers with special suggestions on human resource strategy, organizational construction, administrative management and other aspects, and provide HR information support for major decisions of the company;

5. Responsible for promoting the construction of corporate culture and organizing various company meetings and staff activities;

6. Standardize and improve the company's administrative management system, and provide various administrative logistics support.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in human resource management or related, at least 5 years of production enterprise HR administration experience, at least 3 years of HR director or HR manager experience, familiar with human resource management process and relevant laws and regulations, good observation and analysis skills, strong communication and coordination skills, organizational management skills, public relations and outreach skills. 

Salary and benefits:

Five social insurance and one fund, potluck travel, paid vacation, holiday benefits, education fund, care fund, year-end bonus, long-term incentive, stock options.