Assistant to the chairman

Assistant to the chairman

Shanghai Social recruitment

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assisted the chairman in managing the company's business, followed up and supervised the chairman's instructions, the company's major decisions, important meeting resolutions and relevant important matters, followed up and managed the implementation of plans and the completion of tasks;

2. Paperwork: drafted the chairman's speech, the chairman's resolution, the company's daily publication and other materials;

3. Document review: Responsible for the preliminary review of documents and reports submitted by various departments that need to be signed by the chairman;

4. Conference organization: Responsible for the planning and organization of the company's high-level meetings, uploading and issuing, and comprehensive coordination;

5. Reception work: assist the chairman in connecting with important external resources and receiving visitors;

6. Schedule: coordinated the schedule of the chairman and daily affairs management, kept in touch with each other, and reminded important matters in time. 

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, major in Chinese, law or management related, no age restriction; At least 3 years experience as director assistant, good at writing. English can be used as a working language, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing; Proficient in office software; Strong internal and external communication and coordination ability, strong principle, strong execution, can adapt to travel at home and abroad.