Official website recruitment page

Official website recruitment page

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Job Responsibilities:

1. General Director of International Business Department, responsible for the overall operation of the department;

2. Responsible for the formulation, improvement and supervision of the implementation of the department's rules and regulations, sales process and performance appraisal system;

3. Build and manage a high-quality international sales team and establish a talent echelon;

4. Formulated annual, quarterly and monthly international sales plans according to the company's overall sales targets, and took responsibility for the sales results;

5. Develop international market and effectively manage international customer relations;

6. Collect and analyze the development trends of the international market, gain insight into the development trends, and formulate effective international market development strategies. 

Job Requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, English can be used as working language, proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing, at least 8 years of international sales management experience, excellent communication, coordination, organization ability, can adapt to overseas business trip, data analysis ability is preferred.