Trust Difficult And Simple

Trust Difficult And Simple

Author:Guan Xin Internation Business Department of CSAC

7th July, 2021 is the 693rd day of my work in CSAC. As soon as I sat down at my station, I heard a new email prompt, and a project inquiry from an Australian customer started my work of the day

This is a mooring buoy project with a total value of about $2 million which include a complete set of mooring products: anchor,anchor chain,steel buoy,clump weight,rope and shackle. I thought this was a normal inquiry, but after checking carefully, there was only less information including item, size and quantity without the drawing, normally we need the drawing to make the correct quotation. Then I called customer, but did not get the details,customer advised that that was a tender project, they need get the complete quotation before 11th July, they need us help and trust us to make quotation and offer all the details. After the call, we I quickly got the following information: first, this was an agent customer rather than an end-user customer. He was participating in the bidding of a mooring buoy project, but he did not know the full picture of the project and could not provide more information. Second, time is tight. I need to make a quotation and plan to the customer within 4 days without drawing. Since customer’s trust, we need try best to offer the best service, and face difficulties, and give the highest quality answers within the time required by customers!

I immediately analyzed the customer's demand with team members, discussed the possible connection forms of the whole project, and the product specifications and sizes involved; At the same time, find out the cases of similar projects that have been done before for comparative analysis. After working overtime for two consecutive days, we finally made a simple schematic diagram of mooring buoy connection, and listed the detailed product scheme and quantity list under this connection mode. Then we compared the list with the customer's inquiry sheet, and listed the missing products and parts in detail one by one。 On 9th July, We sent the detailed connection drawings and product lists to the customer. When customers get drawings and product solutions, they are surprised by the speed of our feedback! Soon, I received an email from the customer the next day, in which he said that he had confirmed the connection drawing with the demander, and that the missing products in the inquiry sheet marked by us were all accurate! Please quote us as per the list ASAP. At the same time, the customer also got the actual project drawing, which is almost the same as the connection method provided by us! Customers praise our professional solutions, and give very high praise to the professional and serious attitude of the anchor chain team in the whole quotation process! So far, laid the foundation of trust for our subsequent good cooperation.

According to the customer's requirements, we immediately prepared the quotation sheet according to the final product list. When checking the quotation materials, I found that the inquiry sheet did not mention the certificate that needs to be certified by the classification society, and when I communicated with the customer, he also said he did not know about it. According to historical experience, most projects in Australia need the certificate issued by the BV classification society. Therefore, I took the initiative to package it into the quotation materials and sent it to the customer. Finally, it turns out that this project does need this certificate.On 2nd August, nearly a month after we sent the quotation, I received a call from the customer when we thought this project would never happen again. He was very excited to share with me the good news that he had won the bid! At the same time, it is emphasized that thanks to our careful supplement of BV certificate for him, he submitted the complete bidding document as scheduled. This call made my team and I happy all day!

Next, the project entered the delivery process, and as in the quotation process, we received a very urgent delivery demand from the customer. The client hopes to complete the installation of the whole project before December 20th, Christmas Day in Australia. From August 2, when we received the news of the winning bid from the customer, there are only less than 100 days left. The customer needs to reserve 10 days for installation, 10 days for customs clearance and land transportation, and 20 days for sea transportation, leaving us less than 60 days for production, which means that this production task will be a very big challenge.The order involves 248 tons of anchor and 830 tons of anchor chain. According to the normal production rate, it will take at least 90 days to complete this huge production task. 60 days is equivalent to shortening the construction period by one-third. However, the service concept of China Transport anchor chain is "urgent customer needs, think about what the customer wants, meet the customer needs", and help the customer to complete his project on time has become the common goal and commitment of our whole team. After receiving the customer's needs, the cooperation of various departments has reached an unprecedented tacit understanding, including with the customer. In only 3 days, we completed the whole procurement process of PO, contract and advance payment. The customers' unreserved trust in us is the key to our high efficiency. During our chat with the customer, we asked why the customer gave us the PO, signed the contract and made the advance payment so quickly. Are you not worried about any mistakes? The customer said with a smile, because the previous quotation link has made him have 100% recognition and trust in CSAC.

On 5th August, we officially launched the production plan. In the next two months, all the colleagues in the workshop volunteered to work overtime to complete their own work, and had no holidays to ensure that the production task could be completed within 60 days. Considering the impact of the epidemic on shipping, in order to ensure that the goods arrive in Australia on time, we began to discuss the delivery plan with the customer in September. However, the customer's forwarder had no experience in packing anchors and pontoons, so the customer finally decided to hand over the freight plan to us. Due to the large amount of goods this time, one shipping company cannot receive so many goods at all, so different shipping companies and shipping schedules must be divided. After communicating with multiple freight forwarders about shipping resources, we finally selected 4 shipping companies, all of which are direct ships, to shorten the shipping schedule to the shortest.When communicating with the shipping company about the detailed packing method, we found that the conventional packing scheme would generate large freight. The conventional packing scheme is to load different products separately. The pontoons and anchors belong to the goods with large volume and light weight, and the anchor chain belong to the goods with small volume and large weight. The anchor needs to use the open-top cabinet, and after the open-top cabinet is installed, there is a lot of remaining space for installing the anchor chain, that is, the anchor and anchor chain can be assembled, and the pontoons and anchor chain can also be assembled. In this way, by optimizing the packing scheme, we finally help the customer save about 30,000 dollars of freight, and once again practice the service concept of "thinking what the customer wants". Truly do stand in the customer's point of view for customers to consider, customer as the center, long-term attention to the maximization of customer interests.

On 20th October 2021, with the last batch of goods leaving the factory, the project also entered the end of delivery. In the whole process from confirming orders, organizing production to delivering goods, every employee of CSAC carefully tracks every step, cares about customers' urgent needs, thinks about customers' thoughts, helps customers solve problems and complete projects. On 30th November, we received the customer's information that all the goods have arrived safely in the Australian warehouse, 10 days earlier than expected! This is the best fulfillment of our commitment to customers.