Walking together is fate, and walking together is happiness.

Walking together is fate, and walking together is happiness.

Author introduction: department one by Zhang Yali


Time flies, I have been in the China Shipping family for almost two years. If it is not because of a text message, it is estimated that I will not join the China Shipping big family.


After seven years in the past job, the work was very stable. I felt like a frog cooked in warm water. In this way, so I resigned decisively.


Then I started the interview journey. When I came to the interview, the general manager's aura was very powerful. I was unconfident in expressing my language, and I felt cold at that time. In fact, other companies have informed me to join the job, but I have read the website of China Shipping several times, and I feel that China Shipping is really a great company. I found a mobile phone number on the Internet. "SMS, I quickly received a reply. The next day I received an accident notice from the personnel department. At this time, I knew that I was a text message I sent to the general manager. It can be said that the general manager is the real Bole. I also secretly determined that I must cherish the hard -won job opportunities.


After joining the job, I feel that everything is new. Though 7 years of foreign trade. In fact, what I know is really fur. Unexpectedly, the new employees arrange for the full training of supervisors, and the company will learn different videos of famous teachers every day. How to visit customers, maintain customers, serve customers, etc., so that I don't have to worry about the rhythm of the department.


In addition, there are various types of employee activities. The fifteenth month of the first month guess the lantern riddle game, the summer barbecue activities, and the annual meeting ceremony. All colleagues will gather together, sing, dance, and be lively. The company encourages employees to obtain professional certificates, and can apply for the company's reimbursement for verification costs. In addition, there are employee funds, training and learning, children's education, family difficulties, etc. can apply ... Let me feel that China transport is a big family, we Everyone is a member of the China Shipping family.


In short, it has grown a lot in China Shipping. I have met a lot of family members to gain sincere affection, and have met many customers to gain valuable trust. Everyone we transport will contribute our own strength for this big family of China. May our "China Shipping family" get better and better.