Speaking of it, it is better to do it.

Speaking of it, it is better to do it.

Author Introduction: Business Department Li Shan


Recently, I have watched TV "Ideal City" and feel deeply. The couple's 100 -year -old cultivation is a fate. Everyone works together is also a fate.

In the eyes of the heroine Su Xiao, every day's life is beautiful and full of fighting spirit. As long as you work well, everything you want will have it; in the face of misunderstandings, she has not preached everywhere, but is silently doing herself silently herself,and does not waste time on useless things; all ideas in the work are based on the interests of the company, and do it more efficiently, not the output of interests. Everything has a solution. When there is a bad problem, it is not blindly trying to touch it, but to enrich yourself, take a different approach, change the angle, change the direction, and analyze their needs from the perspective of the owner. The better solution gives the owner to pull into each other's distance. She has won respect and recognition.

Looking back at the self -employment, I have seen the strength of the China Shipping Anchor Chain(Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. that cannot be underestimated, and the invincible spirit is full of fighting spirit. Most is bloody.

Under the leadership of General Manager Mr Zhao, our China Shipping Anchor Chain uses ultra -high product quality, superior price, and value -for -money after -sales service. With the fierce market competition, it is still eye -catching and the development is unstoppable.

When people live in peace for a long time, they will gradually disappear, but in the eyes of the China Shipping people, the epidemic cannot stop our upstream hearts. All partners learn from each other and work hard together. Everyone seems to be omnipotent. As one of them, you can learn new skills every day. Every day, you have the beauty worthy of reminiscence. Every day, one family is beating, and there is a common responsible shoulder. I’m proud of to be one of China Shipping family.

Growing up with China Shipping, I will get better and better. I look forward to my gorgeous change, and it will be expected in the future.