Mooring Buoy

Mooring Buoy

With the continuous development of the ocean, the importance of deep-sea mooring system (including mooring buoy and anchorage system) is becoming increasingly apparent, and the demand is increasing.

1. Our company has rich experience in buoy and mooring system projects. We have provided products for domestic and foreign government port departments and oil companies for many times, and won unanimous praise from customers. Our company is a professional manufacturer of Marine anchor chain, steel plate welding anchor, steel buoy, the company has been recognized by Eleven classification Society factory.

2. The high-strength mooring buoy designed by our design department adopts single-point mooring, three-point mooring, and the strength of the buoy belongs to the international class. Design reference to foreign advanced project experience, high product strength, strong practicality, long service life, safe and reliable, reasonable design, easy maintenance, maintenance procedures simple, low cost.

3. Our company will adjust the technology and performance according to customer requirements and usage conditions. The system can adapt to various harsh environments, no matter in hot Kenya, cold Russia, wet Southeast Asia and other places have good feedback.

mooring systerm

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