Hall Anchor

Hall Anchor

Hall anchor, also known as mountain anchor, is a stockless anchor with free swing of the anchor claw and a certain Angle of the anchor.

Anchor head and anchor claw are integral casting. The anchor shaft passes through the anchor head and is locked with one anchor shaft pin and two anchor head cross pins, so that the anchor head and anchor claw can rotate 45° before and after with the anchor shaft pin as the axis.

Hall anchor can be divided into three types according to the type of anchor bolt: Type A rectangular stock Hall anchor; Type B round stock hall anchor; Type X rectangular short stock Hall anchor.

When the anchor is lying flat with either side of the jaws touching the water bottom, the drag generated by the friction of the edge of the anchor head against the subsoil under the pull of the anchor chain forces the jaws into the subsoil to produce a gripping force. Its grip is about 2.5-4.0 times the weight of the anchor.

The anchor is characterized by its complex structure. However, it is convenient to throw, and the anchor bolt can be directly inserted into the anchor chain barrel. It is convenient and stable to collect and widely used in modern ships.

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