Matrosov High Holding Power Anchor

Matrosov High Holding Power Anchor

Anchor and two symmetrical distribution in the anchor on both sides of the anchor claw, which is characterized in that the bottom of the anchor dry through the pin and the anchor claw connected, the left and right sides of the pin are provided with a horizontal pin to prevent the axial movement of the anchor claw, the anchor claw shape is pointed to the knife shape, the two anchor claw away from the anchor dry side is provided with a horizontal bar. The utility model has the advantages of strong structure and convenient throwing. The almond shape balance bar increases the transverse structure size of the anchor claw, improves the anti-overturning performance of the anchor, increases the area of the balance bar, significantly increases the horizontal swing resistance of the anchor after it is put into the soil, and then improves the horizontal stability of the anchor after it is put into the soil. The excellent performance of the anchor is unchanged; In addition, the balance pole with almond shape has good cutting efficiency, which reduces the resistance of the anchor to the soil. It can make the anchor to the soil quickly and shorten the anchoring time.

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