M Spek Anchor

M Spek Anchor

The Spek anchor is a modified version of the Hall anchor with the center of the anchor head located from the center line of the pin shaft to the bottom. Widely used as a bow anchor. The structure is characterized by the anchor crown plate and reinforced ribs. As a result, this kind of anchor's claws are easy to turn to the ground, better stability, and when the anchor is pulled in, the anchor claws naturally face up, and contact with the hull plate is flipped, will not damage the hull plate. The total weight of the anchor head (after the removal of the anchor stem and shackle) of a Spek anchor shall not be less than 60% of the total weight of an ordinary rodless anchor (including the dowel and shaft).

Features: Anchor stem and anchor claw respectively cast, no cross bar. The anchor claw and anchor crown can be rotated around the pin shaft through the lower hole of the anchor stem. The Angle of the anchor claw is about 45°. Two claws into the soil at the same time, grab weight ratio of 2.5-4, the amount of no more than 8. Simple structure, convenient operation and collection, small grasping force, easy to rake loose soil and cause anchor.

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